Hadnot housing

One-for-One Housing Solution in Memory of Kent Anderson Hadnot, Sr.

One-for-One Housing


For every Mother Fortress home built, we will develop a tiny home through the Hadnot Housing one-for-one program.


For every Mother Fortress office built, we will develop a tiny home through the Hadnot Housing one-for-one program.

College Campus Housing

Hadnot Housing will build college apartments, condos and townhomes for students who come from low-income communities, and offer free or reduced rental prices.

Masterplanned Communities

For every Mother Fortress community built, we will develop a tiny home community through the Hadnot Housing one-for-one program.

Job Creation

Every community needs upkeep and maintenance, and our desire is to hire from within our own communities.

Community Building

In addition to green communities, organic gardening, and job creation, we will offer personal and professional development for our residents.

about Hadnot housing


Hadnot Housing was born from Kenya’s experience at Texas A&M University. As the oldest of 6 children, rent was sometimes hard to come by and she had to work two work-study jobs to make ends meet. She was angry and approached her father, Kent Hadnot Sr. about an idea to develop college apartments specifically for low-income students. She wanted to provide food, cheap or free rent, and a luxury, modern design that would not make the students feel less than. 

Post-graduation, the concept grew to be public and section-8 housing for low-income and impoverished individuals who need a place to live and work. Before her father passed away, Kenya was able to work for a real estate development company who wanted to provide low-income housing to individuals on the East Coast. She asked her father to become apart of her Board of Directors and guide her through the process of doing this ourselves. 

In partnership with Mother Fortress, Hadnot Housing will provide luxury and modern tiny homes, apartments, condos and townhomes within green communities for low-income and impoverished residents in locations chosen by Mother Fortress clients.

in memory of Kent Anderson Hadnot, SR

Kent A. Hadnot, sr

Kent Hadnot, Sr. was an award-winning architect, published author, and city planner in Houston, TX. Upon his death, Mayor Sylvester Turner issued a Proclamation and named 11/27/2021 Kent Anderson Hadnot, Sr. Day for his many architectural and redevelopment contributions. As our father, Kent Sr. has inspired us tremendously to continue his legacy and to follow our dreams in architecture and real estate development. It is our greatest hopes and mission to continue to make our father proud and to make a positive impact on the world one development at a time.

Kenya Hadnot

As the first-born of Kent Anderson Hadnot Sr., Kenya promised her father at a young age she would take up architecture. After deciding to get a degree in Business Marketing, she received her real estate license in California. Kenya has worked towards Mother Fortress since 2016 and with the help of her husband and brother, plan to take the one-for-one development company to great heights.

kent Hadnot ii

As the only son of Kent Anderson Hadnot Sr., Kent strives to keep his father’s memory alive, especially through community development. He received his bachelors in Business Marketing and post-graduation, gained experience in sales and recruiting. A creative genius like his father, he will innovate the sales process as we target investors who care to contribute to impoverished communities. 

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